Back in Business with the ABCs of Steampunk

Well, I can honestly say I spent the summer writing.  5 free online projects.  Another book out as of yesterday under yet another pseudonym.  I like to draw clear distinctions between the sort of stories I write.  Sets reader expectations.  Those who like my paranormal fantasy/light sci-fi stories aren’t likely to enjoy my cozy mysteries, and vice versa.  So this puts me in the position of writing under THREE names.  Still — I promise, doubters, it’s for the best.

Fearful Symmetry (The Past Lives Series, Book #1) should be ready soon.  In the meantime, I’ll be reposting some old blog posts and some new ones, just to remind folks I’m still alive!

To that end, something I wrote awhile back that got a nice response:

The ABCs of Steampunk

A is for Alchemy, Science’s emo elder brother
B is for Brass
C is for Corsets, or Cyborgs, or cyborgs in corsets
D is for Damask, Decanter, and Daguerreotypes
E is for Engine, steam of course
F is for Flying-Machine
G is for Gears, Gauges, and Gadgets
H is for Helium
I  is for Imperial
is for Jules (Verne)
K is for Knickers, Knobs and knobs in knickers
L  is for Leather (brown)
M is for Muttonchops, Machines, and Mankind
N is for Never was, but should have been
O is for Opium
P  is for Parasols, Pistols, and Petticoats
Q is for Queen, of course
R is for Revisionist (Alternate) History
S is for Spectacles
T is for Test tubes, Tin-Plating, and Tarts
U is for Uniforms — love a gal or a guy in one!
V is for Victoriana, the prettiest ugly stuff around
W is for Wells, H.G.
X is for X-rays and Xenon Gas
Y is for Young Edwardians
Z is for Zepplin, and for zzzzzzzzs … Good-Night!

One thought on “Back in Business with the ABCs of Steampunk

  1. These are cute!I will say, as your almost constant reader, that I enjoy all of your work, under all of your pen names, and have done, for a long, long time. People should branch out from what they generally read. This includes me!

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