Guest Post: Salem the Black Cat on Black Friday


It is I, Salem.  The elder states-cat in the in Abbott-Cravens household.  As this is Black Friday, I am here to tell you…

10 Good Things about “Black”:

1. Goes with everything.  Whether I’m strolling across a counter top or snuggling into a warm basket of clothes direct from the dryer, I never clash.

2.  It’s slimming.  When her photo is taken, Mother often picks me up and holds me in front of her to look slimmer.

3. Black Holes and Revelations was a great CD from Muse.

4.  Black blends in.  Often when there is a question of which cat has committed what crime, I can disappear into the shadows, while the orange tabby and the silver Bengal are collared.

5. “In the black” denotes profitable, i.e., the company will continue.  “In the red” is bad news.  This is why there are no red cats.  They would be the truly unlucky ones!

6. Black Books: books + alcoholism = Mother loves it.

7.  Black light posters, vintage cool…

8.  A little black dress is perfect for every holiday party!  Unless you’re a dude.  And even then … sometimes.
9.  Without black, what would Goths wear?  Teal?

10.  The Black Widow … the one bright spot in the otherwise terrible Iron Man II…

Have fun on Black Friday!!

3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Salem the Black Cat on Black Friday

  1. Nicely done! Black is extremely useful for many things. For the record, Goths also occasionally wear burgundy, and red. Oh, and don't forget the stripey socks!

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