Why Batman is Better than Superman (And Always Will Be)

1.  Superman flies wherever he wants thanks to the power of our yellow sun.  Batman uses super-cool technology from his own design team (Haus of Bat) to get where he’s going, like the Batwing and the Batmobile.  Even his cape has a purpose: deflect bullets, resist fire, turn into a glider.  Superman’s cape is for show.

2.  Superman has a hankering for Ma Kent’s delicious Kansas farmhouse cooking.  Batman has a burning obsession to cleanse his city from criminals like the robber who killed his parents.  Superman enjoys punch and pie.  Batman consumes only enough sustenance to keep the spirit of vengeance alive.

3.  Superman works at a day job where he is underappreciated, especially by his boss and the strident plucked chicken he wants to date.   (That might be harsh, but I’ll always see Lois as Margot Kidder.)  Batman is a self-made billionaire who naps in the board room while lackeys fight for five minutes of his attention.  By day, Batman is desired by surgically optimized gold diggers determined to show him a good time.  By night, he’s desired by Catwoman.  I mean, really — who would you rather be?

4.  Superman is known for his devotion to truth, justice and the American way.  Batman is known for being crazy.  Also, for fighting dirty.  (At least watch the video up to the point where Superman states he won’t have vigilantism in his town.  See how Batman responds.)

5.  Superman hangs out with his pal Jimmy Olsen, who looks like a snot-faced kid but is actually of age and gainfully employed.  Batman hangs out with vulnerable underaged male orphans, whom he makes legally dependent on him before embarking on an intense 24/7 relationship of … wait.  Scratch all that.

6.  Superman is a handsome humanoid alien who can do literally anything if the circumstances call for it.  Batman is a normal human who has no advantage he didn’t acquire through intellect, application, determination and dedication.  There can only be one Superman.  But anyone can be Batman — if they work at it hard enough.

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7 thoughts on “Why Batman is Better than Superman (And Always Will Be)

  1. As usual, I agree with your assessment. I have always found Superman to be nauseating in his straight-arrow intensity. I can much more relate to Batman. You know how fond I am of bats.

  2. I agree! Batman certainly has better toys! Besides, I've always been bothered by the fact that Superman, the "Man of Steel" with his "Fortress of Solitude" in the Arctic, was a bit of a copy of my fav pulp magazine character, Doc. Savage, who was known as the "Man of Bronze" and had his own "Fortress of Solitude" in the Arctic, but that was back in the '30's, long before Superman (a name that goes back to a George Bernard Shaw 1903 play and to Nietzsche as well). Besides, who knows what Superman is REALLY doing with his x-ray vision… 😉

  3. While I do in fact GREATLY prefer Batman to Superman… I think of them as… The Sun and the Moon… They're two sides of the same coin. Sides… I want Robin [Tim, not Dick.] and Superboy [Conner] so.. I'm biased.;)

  4. These are some of the exact reasons that I modeled my heroes after Bruce Wayne and his posse and not any other mutant/alien/whatever out there. It's amazing what a little money (okay, a lot of money) and a lot of dedication can accomplish. Bruce Wayne/Batman is awesome. Paul Waterford/Krino is, in my opinion (which, of course, may be just slightly biased because he is, after all, my own creation), just a twinge more awesome. (BTW, for all you hoppers, "Karis" featuring the ultimately awesome Paul Waterford is one of the aforementioned books available for perusal in the Naughty or Nice contest.)

  5. Man I love a woman who digs her superheroes! And I agree with you completely about Batman beating Superman!PS – To me the X-men trump all though! (^_^)

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