New Year, New Blog

And it’s nice here at WordPress.  A little scary.  Lots of new features under the hood.

So here’s my brief update.

Book 2 in the Lord & Lady Hetheridge series, BLUE MURDER (the follow-up to ICE BLUE) is half finished.  Should have a cover to show off before long.

The next S.A. Reid adult romance, SOULLESS, is being written.  Here’s the cover:


Last but not at all least: I have a brand new series starting in about 2 weeks.  YES.  Stay tuned and I’ll let you know as soon as it goes live on Amazon.

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Blog

  1. Well, I am SO excited! Lots of thrilling news! Maybe I will have some news of my own before too long! TOO MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!! LOL. This is something I can actually get enthusiastic about!

  2. OK
    My little heterosexual heart just beat much faster at the cover thinking of sandwiches and such. OH MY

    The one I am waiting on, as you know is Blue Murder!!!

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