Quick Reaction: The Oscars

A pretty good show, I thought.  Christopher Plummer was all suave charm.  I really need to see Beginners.

Hugo is another highly honored one that looks right up my alley.  Can’t believe I missed it, given all the steampunk imagery.

I enjoyed the short piece from Christopher Guest, et al., re: focus groups and The Wizard of Oz.  That is exactly like soliciting random comments on an unpublished novel.

I couldn’t believe it when Brad Pitt’s movie memory was about War of the Gargantuas!  As a kid I was obsessed with that movie!

Wish Gary Oldman had won Best Actor.  He’s been overlooked too many times.

For Best Actress, there was an embarrassment of riches.  I don’t begrudge Meryl the Oscar at all, but I thought Glenn Close looked fascinating in Albert Nobbs.  Gotta see that one.

And The Artist takes Best Picture.  Glad the producers brought Uggie the Dog onstage.

One thought on “Quick Reaction: The Oscars

  1. You know, I wasn’t going to watch this year. I felt the Oscars had lost a lot of it’s relevance to me. However, I couldn’t resist just tuning in to the beginning, and I ended up watching the whole thing, minus a few minutes when people I didn’t know were thanking the Academy. I do wish they’d given Best Actor to Gary Oldman. He’s going to be one of those people that when he’s 80 years old they realize they never gave him one, and he’ll get a Lifetime Achievement honor. I was intrigued by The Artist, already interested by your recommendation, and I thought the dog was adorable, and a nice touch. No one can resist a bit with a dog, I guess. I think I watched mostly because the show played up the experience of going to the movies, and this is something that still holds an element of the sacred to my heart..

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