Here’s more about PayPal’s efforts with regard to indie ebooks…

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Update 6/17/2012: I originally finished writing a second (thoroughly researched and edited) post on March 12, 2012. Within minutes of doing so, and before I hit the Publish button, news came across Twitter that PayPal had chosen to revise their policies on all of this. I had invested so much time, effort and research on that post, it put me off from…well…posting it since the issue had been resolved. I’ve decided (two+ months later) to delete the second post from my draft folder and simply provide you with the link (above) to Paypal’s newly revised policies for your review. Time to let go.

Original post:

A few days ago, I found out that PayPal, a funds transfer business (keep this in mind, please) has decided what you can and cannot sell in your store or on your site. Or excuse me, what products THEY will approve of in…

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