My cats play “death from above” …. but they are not quite as impressive…



“Death From Above” – Tshukudu Game Reserve, South Africa – Graham King – Featured Photographer

Okay, maybe I am a bit dramatic with the title, but I think it is fitting when you have a 100 pound leopard over your head.    You can only imagine what this leopard sees and that is the fun of it.  Gazelle?  Zebra? One of Graham’s friends? No matter who is on the lunch menu, the beauty and agility of this big cat is well represented in Graham’s photograph. So please read the story below then check out the rest of Graham’s stunning portfolio at:

Take it away Graham:

The shot was taken back in 2007.  I went on a two week photographic safari to The Kruger and then onto Tshukudu Game Reserve on the edge of  it.  In the reserve you are able to get a bit closer to the animals…

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  1. WordPress will let you repost someone else’s post and photos. It’s a nice way to spread the word about something you like while maintaining proper credit for the author and photographer. It’s similar to Facebook’s “share” feature where you click to give the entire post, including the author’s name and profile pic, to your own newsfeed.

    Thanks for joining!

  2. Thank you I will try that
    I posted a new poem today My Love Was Like A Rosebud and a new Flabbermouth story Called the Mother of all headaches

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