Guest Post: In the Mind of an Angel by Amy Lignor

In the Mind of an Angel

When I began I was very dedicated to writing about other worlds. I didn’t even care if my characters were supernatural, per se, I just needed them to be in a different place. Of course, I was thirteen at the time and so unbelievably tired of my small-town existence that I was ready to tear to my hair out.

One of the luckiest parts of my life was the fact that my terrific mom was a career librarian, so at my fingertips I had the newest releases whenever I wanted them, the ‘insider’ information on all the titles that were ‘the best of the best,’ things like that. My favorites were the magical ones – witches with cauldrons, psychics, hauntings, ghosts, etc. I guess you could say I was a Harry Potter wannabe a decade before he and his owl appeared on paper.

As the teen years went on, I began to get more into the romantic aspect of the magical/supernatural teens. (We didn’t have the glistening Edward  but our generation had some hotties, too.) And I also noticed early on that my favorite supernatural characters seemed to be angels. I had been dreaming about them, wondering about them – if they were real, what they would say, and if they’d even come down here considering how bad it was. Matt, oddly enough, was the one that really spoke to me.

When writing the supernatural you have to make sure your ‘being’ is not like everyone else’s. Matt, my warrior, could’ve easily been a prototype; a tormented young man with a job to do. But when I thought back to Matt and how I would portray him on paper, I remembered him as more of that funny, excited guy who couldn’t be tormented; he couldn’t be among the ‘fallen’ because he was a pure innocent.
Like me at that age, the only thing Matt wanted was a taste of freedom. He wanted to get ‘down here’ and see what all the fuss was about. He trained, he cared for his partner, he dealt with his teachers – everything a normal teen goes through. But Matt’s real test was when he ran head-first into a world packed with human emotions. He’d studied but, like the rest of us, he didn’t discover what it was really all about until he was smack-dab in the middle of it all.

When it comes to Matt and Emily, they’re young, fresh and ready to do the job they were assigned, but they have no idea that the passion and desire, envy and secrets, that reside in the human world will truly test their faith in each other.

The romance factor also had to be unique. I wanted a love triangle to exist that no reader would guess. In most novels, let’s face it, you already know who’s going to end up to be the friend (the second choice), and who will be the ultimate soul mate, but Emily has a very different problem. She has a soul mate on earth as she does in heaven, so her various journeys will twist and turn to the point where no reader is really going to know her true love until the very end.

The magic of The Angel Chronicles comes from the hearts and souls of Emily and Matt who must save, love, judge and kill…and I can’t wait until you see what happens next!

Until Next Time, Everybody.

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