Check Out Rebecca Emin

She gave me a very nice mention — with an iPhone capture from one of my books, no less! — on her blog today. I can’t wait to read her upcoming book When Dreams Come True.

Go here to visit her blog.

7 thoughts on “Check Out Rebecca Emin

  1. It’s wonderful when authors support each other and have these forums. I hope this isn’t rude of me, but I’m really leaving a comment because I want to ask about the sequel to Blue Ice. Any news?

  2. Wow, thank you! I am in the rewriting/edit process right now. (The cover is all done and waiting for me.) Sorry it’s taking so long! Until recently I was working a full time job as well as writing. Now I am just a writer, plain and simple. So I hope to greatly increase my output, since I have so many stories to tell.

    Thanks for asking!

  3. There’s a little discussion group going on at Amazon where we’ve been asking about the appearance of Blue Murder. When I found your blog I thought I may as well ask the author. Thanks so much for replying and good luck!

  4. Oh, gosh, I’m so embarrassed. But happy people care enough to discuss it! Feel free to drop by and prod me anytime. I devoted all of yesterday to Blue Murder and will do the same today!

  5. Thanks for this mention, I only just noticed it but it was very kind of you to do this!

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