A great analysis of Night Watch written by my friend and fledgling book blogger, Jenx!

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The 25th of May is approaching, and my yearly traditional reading Night Watch, by Terry Pratchett, with it.  I was introduced to Discworld by a friend who was crashing on my couch at the time.  Although that was an unpleasant experience for all concerned, I still owe the guy.  I had not made such a deep emotional connection with a new author since I’d been 8 years old discovering Stephen King for the first time.  Although I am going to talk to you about Night Watch specifically, I feel compelled to explain the allure of the entire series.  I’m a horror fan, as I think I have mentioned, and most books that I really love are going to have elements of horror, including the thrillers I also enjoy.  How, then, did Sir Terry Pratchett measure up?  After all, the Discworld series started out as satire of the fantasy genre…

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