Movie Mention: PROMETHEUS

Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and the android David (Michael Fassbender) search for the origins of human life in deep space. (20th Century Fox)

This will be a short movie mention, and spoiler-free, because I think if you enjoy sci-fi, you should definitely see this film. 33 years after the ground-breaking Alien (still a darn good film), director Ridley Scott returns to sci-fi/horror with Prometheus. The plot is simple. On Earth, Dr.Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and her lover Dr. Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) discover cave paintings that suggest human life was created by aliens. Dr. Shaw, a devout Christian, is fascinated by the notion of finding humanity’s origins, which she insists does not diminish her faith. Along for the ride is the mysterious Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron), a crew of spacemen, some scientists and David, an artificial life form (Michael Fassbender).

Perhaps not surprisingly, David is arguably the most interesting character. Only he knows where he came from — R&D at Weyland Corporation. The knowledge brings him no peace or joy. But the discovery of a “perfect” lifeform? Oh, that’s another story…

5 thoughts on “Movie Mention: PROMETHEUS

  1. I will see this, I am sure. Just to make my Alien experience complete if for no other reason. However, the presence of Fass and Theron greatly enhance my expectations for the film.

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