Here’s a little something I wrote about one of my favorite subjects… 🙂

The Eclective

This contains one spoiler, marked well in advance so you can avoid it.

The Dark Knight Rises is the final film in Christopher Nolan’sBatman trilogy. It’s loaded with action, stunts, gadgets, great performances (I think at this point the qualifier “for a superhero movie” no longer applies) and a good script. I don’t want to say too much about it, but here’s what you need to know.

For Action Fans:

The thrills are non-stop. The stunts are tremendous and, for the most part, never too jumbled or confusing to follow. Even the baddie’s “master plan,” usually the point where superhero flicks force the viewer to suspend all rationality, isn’t too nutty. Don’t think about it too hard, just enjoy the spectacle.

For Those Who Loved The First Two:

You shouldn’t be disappointed. Bruce Wayne’s final challenge dovetails beautifully with the origin sequence from Batman Begins. Two beloved characters…

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