Strip Away the Mystery!

Imaqulotta's Irreverent Book Blog

When living an irreverent life, one must expect adventures. Not all of them will be as much fun or as PG-13 as a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. As a devotee of divine decadence, I have always believed that our regrets come from things we haven’t done as opposed to those we have. When I am an old lady, I’ve always intended to have no such regrets.  I’ve made some choices everyone might not make, and have a host of life experience by which to judge the authenticity of certain kinds of irreverent literature.  I’ve been a lingerie model/escort, taking my life in my hands by going on outcalls to show off my underwear to strangers.  I’ve had an affair with a male dancer. I’ve had friends who stripped and performed in fetish shows.   I’ve been a groupie. So when I say I know that making oneself the object of…

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