California Redwoods

Not long ago, my better half and I visited San Francisco for the first time. I have some snapshots, and my original notion was to post a bunch of them here with factoids. Alas … looking over the pictures, I realize I am sorely in need of a camera upgrade! The few random snaps I took with my Samsung Galaxy II look so much better. Still, I’ll post a few for general flavor. (Click to enlarge.)

A comparatively young redwood. Many of the biggest, prehistoric companions of the dinosaurs, were cut down in the late 1800s and turned into shingles, etc.

I should add, before when we visited this forest, I was imagining wall-to-wall giants like the Ewok village in Return of the Jedi. Nope. That’s the coastal redwood park, which I hope to visit in the next year or so.

The path beside our dormitory-style cabin. The bunk beds reminded me of my book Protection. Fortunately, no one was shanked.

Donna, demonstrating just how big the gap in this redwood is. (She’s a little over 5 feet tall.) The tree was damaged by a forest fire, yet kept right on going.

More pics tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “California Redwoods

  1. I’d love to see the redwoods someday. Oh, and this made me snort. “Fortunately, no one was shanked.” I thought I was going to wake up Momma.

  2. Years ago my beautiful young lover and I went to see the redwoods. We loved them. (We’re still together, too.)

  3. Stephanie, we’ve lost count of the years there are so many now. We have photos somewhere, but they’re not as nice as yours.

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