More from San Francisco and Alcatraz Prison/National Park

A few more pictures… (click for full size and to read the captions)

Part of Alcatraz Island. It was a fort before it was converted to a prison around the 1940s.

The above is wonderfully clear, taken in full sunlight. The next one is a bit grainy–the sun was going down– but it makes Alcatraz Island look rather romantic…

Almost haunted looking…

It was emphasized during the tour that prisoners were psychologically tortured by the seeming nearness of San Francisco and freedom. Here’s the view those few escapees cherished while trying to swim the icy waters. (It is presumed no one ever survived.)

Last but not least, during the tour, we were invited to get into a cell, if desired. Being claustrophobic, I declined, but here’s Donna…

Behind bars at last!

7 thoughts on “More from San Francisco and Alcatraz Prison/National Park

  1. It’s difficult for me to imagine Donna ending up behind bars at Alcatraz. I can’t say the same, though, for myself. Who would need all that freedom in the distance? I’d be more interested in that insane need in the next cell — and the next time I’d meet up with it in the shower.

  2. LOL!

    If I hadn’t written a prison love story, I think this visit would have definitely inspired one. But in reality, I don’t think there was much romance in Alcatraz. It seems the authorities focused on keeping the inmates apart as much as possible, which contributed to their misery.

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