From my friend Theo Fenraven…

Theo Fenraven

Warnings: m/m, sex, unbelievably hot characters.

Word Count: 2692

Copyright 2012 by Theo Fenraven. Feel free to pass it around or reblog in its entirety but this is an original work, and as such, belongs to me and cannot be published or posted under any name but Theo Fenraven.

Images are public domain (as far as I know!)

Chapter 1

Collin sat on the edge of his bed in black Calvin Kline underwear, gazing into the open closet, pondering what he should wear for his lunch with Paul. They hadn’t seen each other for a while and he was looking forward to their meeting. He’d prefer to call it a date, but it had been structured by Paul as “Let’s get together, touch base, see if the mojo is still working.”

He was making entirely too much of this, he decided while choosing a white long-sleeved shirt and pair of…

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