Here’s a mention of Pride & Prejudice (the BBC mini-series) and a chance to WIN a book! Please forgive my typo-ridden response. I am blaming … um, my keyboard. Yeah. My keyboard.

Shéa MacLeod

Ladies and Gents, my apologies for the late post, but things have been a bit nuts this morning. I have for you another fabulous Montlake author sharing her thoughts on romance and the paranormal. Please welcome Delle Jacobs!

Thanks for having me here, Shéa! It’s great to see you on the Montlake author list!

I wasn’t always a lover of romance. For a long time, I just assumed romances were poorly written, cheesy love stories, but I was really tired of dark, ugly, gritty stories that seemed to be so popular for a long time. So I’m grateful for Laura Kinsale for the first romance I ever read, Flowers From the Storm. I found what I was missing in the rest of commercial fiction. I like believing in people, and in finding happiness in love. And no matter what critics say about 50% of marriages failing, there are…

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  1. Pride and Prejudice is my all time favorite book!! Never tire of reading it!!

  2. My cousin and I have the best time watching this mini series! Of course we read the book as kids, and it will always be a classic. But the drinking game associated with the movie has corrupted us!

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