This is a tough post to write, because I have so very much to be grateful for. So here, in no order, with endless omissions, are a few of the people and things on my list:

Readers and Fans of BLUE MURDER

As some of your know, until April of this year I worked full time at a hospital. Writing novels was something I did in my spare time, and it took me much longer to deliver Lord & Lady Hetheridge book #2 than expected. I worried that readers who enjoyed Ice Blue had given up and moved on–after all, there are plenty of new mysteries released every day. But the readers hadn’t given up, and their warm embrace of Blue Murder changed my life, allowing me to write full time. Thank you so much.

Longtime Friends

Have you met my friend Rosemary O’Malley? Although I started writing stories sometime around age seven or eight, it wasn’t until I met Rosemary (age eleven) that writing became a serious endeavor. What about Mary Ellen Wofford? She’s an author of short fiction who advocated quite fiercely for my second unpublished novel, All Our Yesterdays. Through Mary Ellen’s honest critiques, I learned more from writing (and rewriting, and rewriting) that book than almost all my other mentoring experiences combined. And do you know Jenx Byron, who talks about books at Imaqulotta’s Irreverent Book Blog? I wouldn’t dream of showing a project to the world without showing her first. I can’t imagine a world without Jenx.


Oh, Amazon. It’s impossible for me to express just how much the KDP platform has helped me. For anyone who feels like I’m playing favorites, please understand–my books are currently available everywhere I can place them, so if you own a Nook or you prefer to shop at OmniLit or whatever, I’m there for you. But no Thanksgiving list of thanks from me would be complete without mentioning Amazon specifically.

The Eclective

To my fellow indies in the Eclective: Heather Adkins, M. Edward McNally, Tara West, Shea MacLeod, Alan Nayes, RG Porter and Pj Jones — thanks so much for letting me join in!

Indie Authors 

I’ve learned so much in Cheryl Bradshaw’s Facebook group Indie Writers Unite. I’ve met people who’ve taught me so much and helped me in so many ways, including (but by all means not limited to) Christine DeMaio-Rice, Greg James, Gary Alan Ruse, Mike Cooley, Red Tash, David Gaughran, Sarah Woodbury and Danielle Blanchard, also known as Elle Chardou. It’s always a master class with you folks, and I just hope to someday pay it forward.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

6 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. I am blushing but smiling at the same time. What a nice thing to say!! And it was a pleasure to read your work. Always has been and I hope to continue reading it for a long, long time.

  2. OOPs, yup, sorry!! yes that is what I meant!! Cant wait for the 3rd one!!! I love them and will continue to read as long as you write. Congrats on quitting the “day job”!!

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