I am a bit under the weather today, but let me just say, if you’re an indie author who is using Smashwords, or considering using Smashwords in 2013, please read this first.

Author Jolea M. Harrison

Writer Beware!

The complaints are piling up over the unresponsiveness of Mark Coker’s Smashwords publishing company, which touts you’ll get “Your ebook. Your way.” Authors send emails through the proper contact and wait for a reply. And wait. And wait. Sometimes, for weeks, there is no response. This is not how to run a business that is trying to compete with Amazon.

In my own recent experience, I chose to use Smashwords as a means to have my books published to iTunes and other outlets, like Sony and Diesel. The iTunes author interface is cumbersome and difficult for this author to figure out. The SW (Smashwords) meatgrinder is disliked by many authors, but I never had a problem with it, or with getting accepted into the premium SW catalogue that is required before books can be sent out for distribution. I did all that. Passed the meatgrinder. Had my books…

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