Read the complete Chapter 1 right now — go here! (Alternately, see the strip at the top of my blog.)

Cover reveal coming soon!

9 thoughts on “Update on SOMETHING BLUE!

  1. Emma, hi. Have read first chapter several times. Found two errors you might want to correct, probably typos that spell-check wouldn’t catch. Missing r from “Let me take your coat” and extra o in “the elder Mrs. Snell chose…” Also there’s one thing that’s bothered me a little ever since the first book. If you Google “Baron Cecil” you’ll get William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley.” Thus, I believe it more correctly ought to be Lord (Anthony) Heatheridge, ninth Baron Wellegrave. Now if it were a Scottish title, that would be another matter–in that case, you’d definitely say “of”–but with this being and English title, and especially an older one…

  2. Thank you!!

    I will correct the typos first thing tomorrow. Cheers!

    As for Hetheridge’s title, it is very likely you’re correct. I will take this to my “man on the inside,” the London born and bred Greg James (also known as author G.R, Yeates) and let him advise me, Quite likely, you’re correct, and I will need to adjust, so thank you again!! 🙂

  3. Hi Stephanie (Emma ;D),

    Just wondering if you have an update on the status of Something Blue. I loved Ice Blue and Blue Murder and have re-read them several times. I’ve also read the initial chapter from Something Blue that you’ve teased us with, but I’d really REALLY like to read the rest of it!



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