You Learn Something New Every Day…

At least, I do. I picked up a new guide to London. It’s by Rick Steves, and no I don’t know him, but I think it’s quite good. Go here if you’d like to check it out.

Here are some things I learned:

The recently finished Shard London Bridge is now the tallest building in England, as well as the EU.

The Shard London Bridge. (image: Wikipedia Commons)

The Shard London Bridge. (image: Wikipedia Commons)

The place most tourists stop for a photo? Trafalgar Square.

Trafalgar Square in the evening. (Photo source: Wikipedia Commons)

Trafalgar Square in the evening. (Photo source: Wikipedia Commons)

A popular misconception I shared until today? The nickname “Big Ben” refers not to the clock, but rather, the 13-ton bell inside.

The bell known as "Big Ben." (Photo source: Wikipedia Commons)

The bell known as “Big Ben.” (Photo source: Wikipedia Commons)


Like many Americans, when I think of English food, I think of two things: fish and chips, and curry. But it turns out that London was recently named the world’s most vegan-friendly city. Who knew?

10 thoughts on “You Learn Something New Every Day…

  1. That bell is enormous! Bet it sounds enormous in real life too. My little grandfather clock supposedly uses the Big Ben chime. Take a recording! The trip sounds better and better every day. Have fun!

  2. I enjoyed Ice Blue very much and have purchased Blue Murder, but I must inform you that your genetics are a bit off. Jules Comfry is blood type AB-. Madge and Malcom are type O. Point of fact neither could be her parents. To be AB you need to inherit an A from one parent and a B from the other. Both Malcom and Madge are O which means that neither could be her parents if the typing was correct. In addition Lord Hethridge could not have been Jules father since she is AB and he is AB.

  3. Thanks! I’ll check into it and perhaps get it fixed for the next edition. There’s a couple of typos I want to correct, as well. Publishing is such an adventure. I appreciate your input and I really hope you enjoy Blue Murder!

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