I Know It’s Been Forever…

… since I posted. Why? I was finishing SOMETHING BLUE and didn’t dare take time out to write blog posts when the novel was overdue. But good news, it’s done, and in the hands of my editor. I will have a finished version, available on all ebook platforms, available soon. Hopefully within the week. (And a paperback within the next 3-5 weeks, that takes a bit longer.)



Now here’s the blurb:


Anthony Hetheridge, ninth baron of Wellegrave and chief superintendent for New Scotland Yard, will marry Kate Wakefield in three weeks. It’s inevitable–the invitations are out, the flowers are ordered, the cake is chosen. But murder waits for no man, and no wedding.


In London’s prestigious West End, a disgraced CEO has been murdered at Hotel Nonpareil, an exclusive destination. No one, it seems, liked Michael Martin Hughes. Not his estranged wife, Thora, or his defiant son, Griffin. Not Hotel Nonpareil’s manager, its head of security, or perhaps even the other two women in Hughes’s life: his future bride, Arianna, or his other girlfriend, Riley. Still more ominously, before Hughes died, he incurred the wrath of a potentially more unforgiving foe: Sir Duncan Godington, longtime nemesis of both CS Hetheridge and DS Deepal “Paul” Bhar.


For the first time,  CS Hetheridge, Kate and Bhar find themselves under tremendous pressure to uncover the killer in the shortest time frame ever. Has Scotland Yard, not to mention Downing Street, lost confidence in Hetheridge? Will the murder conviction rest on hard forensic evidence, a mountain of circumstantial details, or an impulsive theft? Find out by returning to the world of ICE BLUE and BLUE MURDER in SOMETHING BLUE, the third mystery featuring Lord Hetheridge, Kate Wakefield and Paul Bhar.


13 thoughts on “I Know It’s Been Forever…

  1. I’m reading about Sharada’s Facebook meltdown and wondered if it was autobiographical, so I wanted to write how compelling I find your work. It’s somehow clever, driving, and charming all at the same time. So glad I discovered it and look forward to at least ten more in the series. Congratulations on a brilliant start.

  2. Gosh, yes, it’s autobiographical.

    It’s hilarious how angsty authors can become when talking to one another. Once a fellow writer made a joke about how I use commas, and I was angry for two days. And once upon a time, I was a rational woman!

    Thank you so much for your kind words, and for reading my books.

  3. Thanks, Ron! And I SAW MacBeth, though I was remiss and didn’t blog about it. I really have been writing Something Blue, and my alter-ego is finishing a book, too. But I need to blog about the theater experience and post some pictures. Thanks for the reminder … I’m not much of a blogger, but I promise it will be an interesting post.

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