It’s Here: SOMETHING BLUE (Lord & Lady Hetheridge # 3)

Thanks to everyone who waited.

The book is live on Amazon and will be on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iTunes within the next 12-24 hours.



8 thoughts on “It’s Here: SOMETHING BLUE (Lord & Lady Hetheridge # 3)

  1. In ch 6 at the 25% mark, in the paragraph starting “Strange, how he seemed to trust so easily.” In the third sentence, it should be “The deep CERTAINTY…” In ch 8 in the 5th paragraph at the 31% mark, I think you wantDAY rather than DAILY. In ch 11 at the 46% mark where Kate says she almost likes Duncan Godington, it’s followed by a mangled sentence. “I can’t say I approve, I EITHER.” Can’t figure what was intended. I suspect some missing words.

  2. You are a JEWEL. I treasure people like you. No joke … care for a job as a final proofreader? For my next book, I need one last person to simply read for errors. I know what I meant. My betas and even my editor know what I meant. I need a FRESH person who sees the truth for what it is.

  3. Just downloaded, so no helpful info for you, BUT I do LOVE your characters and cannot wait to start it. Thanks, keep writing!!!!!!

  4. I can’t wait to start this new book! By the way, I heard you have an epilogue for the Protection. Is this true and were can I read it…that is one amazing book!


  5. Hey, Mercede, thanks for commenting! I hope you enjoy SOMETHING BLUE. As for the epilogue PROTECTION, I will post it here on the site for you, later today. 🙂

  6. Thank you so much! PROTECTION took me emotionally to a level I wasn’t prepared for, but that’s just what a great author does. We always say LOVE comes in different forms and types, but we never actually agree until we are challenged to see it from a different perspective. Thank you for the new perspective. It was very special…


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