My London Trip, Part Two

More pictures and little bits and pieces.

London 32

I found this building in South London and immediately thought of Kate (formerly Wakefield, now Hetheridge). This is just how I imagined the flat she shared with Henry and Ritchie.

London 35
These terraced homes are exactly how I imagine Paul and Sharada Bhar’s home.

London 30

Beautiful architecture everywhere. Look at the figures up there. I snapped this during breakfast, telling my travel companion Rosemary that it looked like Aragorn and some hobbits up there.

London 123
I adore vistas like that. (It’s rather imperfect because Rosemary snapped it from the back of our cab as we sped toward the airport.) If I stare at this picture too long, I’ll start writing a story about it, and I can’t do that until I finish Black & Blue!

London 138

If only we’d had time to go in for a pint…




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