Florida Vacation Snaps, Part Two

Beach Day 2

Sandals abandoned.

South Beach on Marco Island has sugar white sands. Mind you, it’s not quite like Destin. Here the sand is crunchy with myriad shells and firmly packed, which is good for me — easier to walk on with my bad knee. But if Sting wrote a song about this beach, it would include the lyric:

Every step you take/
Every shell you break

The water is blue, not green like Destin’s, but the wave action is far gentler. Much better for swimming. Of course, yesterday I got a lot of exposure to everything that lives in the gulf, including bull sharks, tiger sharks, hammerhead sharks, and the occasional touristy alligator. But here’s the view from a lounge chair, with my gigantic werewolf feet on display:

Beacj Day 1

The local businesses on Marco Island are gearing up for Halloween. CJ’s on the Bay put up a ghost and some spiders:

Ghost at CJ's


Spiders at CJ's
And here’s another sunset, this time from Mango’s, over a glass of Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc.

Sunset at Mango's

6 thoughts on “Florida Vacation Snaps, Part Two

  1. Love all the photos from Part l and ll. Sorry about the bad knee. Had knee replacement on my rlght knee ln 2011, now the left one ls botherlng me, but l’m puttlng lt off because l got pneumonla after the last one and don’t need anymore stress.

  2. Emma, l’m deflnltely feellng better. Left knee ls botherlng me now, though, because lt’s supposed to raln and get colder tomorrow. l had a great doctor and physlcal theraplsts for the flrst one. Good luck lf you ever have to have surgery.

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