Happy Black Friday! I hope you’re … oh, who am I kidding? For most of us, Black Friday is either an exhausting obligation or a free-for-all to be avoided at all costs. So how about an ebook sale instead? Benefits include (1) ability to shop from your ereader, phone, or computer, (2) low, low prices and (3) purchases will count as gifts if you’re so inclined. 


From USA Today Bestselling Author Cheryl Bradshaw, there’s Whispers of Murder and I Have a Secret. Here’s the blurb for Whispers of Murder:

It was Isabelle Donnelly’s wedding day, a moment in time that should have been the happiest in her life…until it ended in murder.

Three women, three motives to kill:

–A jealous sister
–A company CFO
–A newfound friend

But which one is plotting against her? Which one wants her dead? Think you know who did it? Think again.

Devil's Hour

From New York Times Bestseller J. Carson Black, we have The Devil’s Hour.

“J. Carson Black’s THE DEVIL’S HOUR is a superior mystery novel in all respects. Fine prose, terrific suspense, believable characters, and one of the most unexpected and satisfying conclusions I’ve read in a long time. Highly recommended.”
—John Lescroart, New York Times bestselling author of DAMAGE

From Amazon and iTunes bestselling author Sarah Woodbury, you can start her time travel romance series for FREE with book one, Daughter of Time.

In 1997, the disappearance of three young girls rocked the city of Tucson, Arizona. Eleven years later, one of those girls, Micaela Brashear, comes home–alive.

Criminal Investigator Laura Cardinal worked homicide for Arizona DPS, but now she’s been moved to the Open-Unsolved Unit. With a new job and a new partner who questions her every move, Laura pieces together Micaela’s fragmented memories in the hope she will learn the whereabouts of the other two children.

When a man walking his dog finds the bones of a child in a shallow grave on the mountain above town, it becomes clear to Laura that Micaela was the lucky one.

But the killer isn’t through yet, and afte

r the fiery death of someone close to Laura, she realizes she faces an implacable enemy.


From Amazon, BN, and iTunes bestseller Sarah Woodbury, you can start her time travel romance series for free with book one, Daughter of Time.

From The Kindle Book Review:

While a time-travel romance, the relationship between Meg and Prince Llewlyn of Wales is not cliché. It’s truly two people struggling to overcome their different backgrounds and the current political climate of 13th century Wales to follow their hearts. The completely fresh storyline of a Daughter of Time is one of the strongest aspects of this story.

Daughter of Time is a sweetheart style romance in that the sexual scenes take place off stage, and an enjoyable look at chivalry in a way that explains how functional it was for the time period, and not just a cliché romantic notion modern readers have about knights in shining armor.

And from my friend Christine DeMaio-Rice, there’s her award-winning Fashion Avenue mysteries, all three for just 99 cents!


WINNER – Preditors & Editors Best Mystery of 2012

WINNER – 2012 eFestival of Words – Best Mystery/Suspense.
A Red Adept Select for outstanding book in its genre.

This set includes all three award-winning, full-length mysteries, including book one, Dead is the New Black:Fashion designer Jeremy St. James is everything Laura Carnegie could want in a man. He’s gorgeous, rich, and talented. The fact that everyone says he’s gay doesn’t stop her from dreaming of being in her boss’s arms. As a matter of fact, she suspects his inaccessibility is part of his charm.When Jeremy’s backer is found dead in his office and he’s accused of the crime, he trusts Laura, and only Laura, with the keys to the design room. She wants him back and out of jail, and in the process of exposing a counterfeiting ring and finding the real killer, she uncovers the secretive man under the temperamental artist; a man who is most definitely not gay, and a man who might not be that inaccessible after all.There are MANY MORE books in this huge sale, including sizzling romances (adults only!), fantasy, science fiction, young adult, and humor. I’ll feature more as the promotion continues. Check it out, and stay safe (and sane) on this Black Friday!

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