Why Cornwall?

So, most of you know me from the Lord & Lady Hetheridge books, which are set in present-day London. And I adore London, so when I first had the inspiration (about a year ago to this day) to create a new series set in wartime Britain, why not London? There’s so much drama, including the Blitz, the evacuations, the rise of Churchill, the change in women’s status as they go out to work in greater numbers, etc. But when I write a book, it always starts with the lead character — in this case, Dr. Benjamin Bones. I knew right away that he grew up in London, but he was on his way to someplace rural. As Dr. Bones took shape, the village of Birdswing sprang to life as well. And two of my early readers (those saintly folk who read an unedited manuscript and give honest feedback) told me Devon was the wrong place for Birdswing. It belonged in Cornwall.

Remember Tintagel, the legendary birthplace of King Arthur? It’s in Cornwall. There’s also spectacular beaches, famous destinations like Land’s End and St. Ives, the wild beauty of Bodmin Moor and many prehistoric ruins. I’ll post a few pictures to give you a taste.

The beach in St. Ives.

The beach in St. Ives.

Bodmin Moor at sunset.

Bodmin Moor at sunset.

Cornish street.

Cornish street.

Lanyon Quiot silhouette.

Lanyon Quoit silhouette.

Restornmel Castle

Restornmel Castle

Spectacular, isn’t it? More tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Why Cornwall?

  1. This makes me ridiculously happy just reading this. I know I’m going to enjoy this series! 😀

  2. I just saw this book for sale on Amazon for the first time and bought it immediately. I know from reading the “Blue” books that I am going to enjoy it. Really looking forward to “Black & Blue.”

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