Pictures from the V & A, London

Here are some more pictures from my London trip in March. These were taken at the Victoria & Albert Museum. If you’re not familiar with the V & A, it has dozens of exhibits on a wide variety of subjects. I was particularly captivated by fancy dress through the ages. (Must be the Victorian and Regency aficionado in me.)

Here's a lovely old gown.

Here’s a lovely old gown.

2014-03-18 16.04.33

A splendid reproduction.


That very familiar image above, seemingly Michelangelo’s David , is from the V & A’s Cast Collection. Art students who couldn’t afford to travel all the way to Rome to seek out great works and study their lines would instead view reproductions made from plaster casts. Many such reproductions are on display at the V & A.

2014-03-18 15.59.41

More from the Cast Court.


This cast of a figure by Giambologna looks a little familiar too, eh? It’s Samson Slaying a Philistine, though, not Hercules Beating the Centaur Nessus.

More pictures tomorrow!

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