An Obsession With Agatha Christie

Wherein one of my dear friends discusses Agatha Christie and her upcoming novel. I hope to one day visit Ms. Christie’s house myself!

Cozy Capers

Shéa MacLeod, here, and I’m so excited to share my first post for Cozy Capers! The road to writing cozy mysteries was a rather winding one for me. Let me attempt to (briefly) share my story.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer, ever since the first time my mother took me to the library to select a stack of picture books. By the time I was ten I’d moved to Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. By twelve I’d read all those and was begging for more mysteries. My mother handed me my first Agatha Christie. The first time I read it, I knew. I wanted not just to write fiction, but to write mysteries just like my hero, Agatha Christie.

Fast forward more years than I’d care to think about…

I still loved Agatha Christie. I binge watched Murder, She Wrote. I still dreamed of writing cozy mysteries…

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One thought on “An Obsession With Agatha Christie

  1. I will look for this.  I’ve read a couple of her paranormal romances but, alas, that’s just not a subgenre that interests me. Now cozy mysteries…right up my alley.

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