Nook Sale and a Personal Update

Hello all!

First things first. I’d like to thank for including my books Ice Blue (Lord & Lady Hetheridge #1) and Black & Blue (Lord & Lady Hetheridge #4) in their 5oo Under $5 Spring Sale.  It’s lovely to be included in such well-reviewed, bestselling company!

BN 500 Under 5

Next, a personal update. Last week I had a third surgery on my right eye. As of this moment, I am doing well and in good spirits. I am at work on Divorce Can Be Deadly (Dr. Benjamin Bones Mysteries #2) and I’d like to thank each and every one of my readers for their kindness and great patience during this interval. Those who know me know I simply cannot hit PUBLISH until I’ve written the absolute best book I can. So while I regret making you wait, I feel confident you’ll appreciate the end result. I’ll never give you less than my absolute best.

So thanks again, and have a wonderful day!

2014-03-19 21.52.36

Me in an Anderson shelter in the Imperial War Museum.


5 thoughts on “ Nook Sale and a Personal Update

  1. Was wondering why the wait was so long! I read both the Bones and Hetheridge series and enjoy both very much. You really have your foot in two different worlds.Wishing you a smooth and speedy recovery. Best regards.

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