Game of Thrones 6.6: Blood of My Blood”

Local Man Ruins Everything

That’s pretty much where we left it last week, eh? (Yes, it’s unfair, like the vast majority of memes. It’s still rather amusing.)

Bran and Meera Not surprisingly, the episode opens with them in dire straits. Bran has downloaded all of the previous Three Eyed Raven’s knowledge and is still processing it. Pursued by an army of wights, they face certain death, and then along comes — Coldhands! Many fans of the books, including me, have always assumed Coldhands was Benjen Stark, despite George R.R. Martin’s assurances otherwise. At least with regards to the show, we were right. Where will the trio turn next? Castle Black seems like the only answer.

Sam and Gilly.png

Credit: SNL/NBC, “Westeros’s Hottest Couple”

Sam and Gilly I thoroughly enjoyed this trip to Horn Hill. Not only did Gilly clean up nice after 4+ seasons of wearing sackcloth and ashes, but she was treated with respect by Lady Tarly and Talla. Even Dickon was perfectly cordial, which surprised me. I had envisioned a no-necked Neanderthal, communicating in grunts and tossing chicken bones over his shoulder. But of course, Lord Randall was a beast. Sam’s refusal to say anything was painful to watch, yet wholly believable. And I found his inability to leave Gilly and Little Sam behind very satisfying. I’m glad he stole Heartsbane. I only wish he’d set Randall’s hall on fire on his way out.

Blood 3

Denied. What a shame.

Tommen and Margaery, Jaime and the High Sparrow

Well, this took a turn I never expected. Sly minx that she is, Margaery faked a total conversion so well, she spared herself the walk and probably saved Loras’s life as well. I can’t fault her; she had no way of knowing an army would show up to liberate her. And from her point of view, her maneuver may ultimately boost House Tyrell’s influence, especially if she can get Tommen to eventually declare himself Leader of the Faith and kick the High Sparrow down a flight of stairs.

Whatever Margaery has up her sleeve, the net effect is, Jaime is off to the Riverlands. And who else will be there? Why, what a coincidence–Brienne. Those of you who have embraced the idea of a Tormund/Brienne pairing won’t sway me. I’m Brienne/Jaime or nothing. So I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Blood 1

Arya and Lady Crane  Early in my Thrones superfandom, I assumed Arya would lose her humanity entirely in exchange for the murderous power of a Faceless Man. Now I’m rather pleased to discover she doesn’t have the stomach for killing random folk on assignment. Now perhaps she’ll take what she’s learned and return home to Westeros. It’s fun to imagine a joyous reunion between Arya and Sansa. Ned’s ghost would be pleased.

Dany, Drogon, and the Khalasar  That was a show-stopping moment, no? Drogon is healthy again, bigger than ever, and ready to be unleashed. And it’s only episode 6 of 10. How will the season wrap? The mind boggles.

Alas, I won’t be posting an analysis of episodes 6.7 and 6.8 because I’ll be in England. Cornwall has limited connectivity, as this image reveals:


Still, I’ll post some snaps when I can, and keep writing feverishly on Divorce Can Be Deadly. Back soon!

5 thoughts on “Game of Thrones 6.6: Blood of My Blood”

  1. I’ll have to watch this one again (next week, before the new episode, as usual!) to see what I missed regarding the queen’s conversion. Until reading your analysis, I’d assumed it was real and was suitably disappointed.

  2. Well, Margaery is a canny player and she was never worn down by the High Sparrow. It wasn’t until Loras begged her to make it stop (as shown in the recap) that she suddenly changed her tune. Also, when she sees the army prepared to liberate her, she has this momentary look on her face like, “If I’d only known!”

    Of course, Tommen is another story. I think that kid’s conversion is real and spells big trouble. I’m just glad it got Jaime out of King’s Landing.

  3. I think there’s another future for Arya in store. Her failure to kill the actress, as commanded by Jaqen, has now put her in danger if she stays in Braavos. Her little blond training partner who seems to enjoy hitting Arya with a stick is now happily tasked with killing her. So Arya needs an escape plan. The actress she couldn’t kill has complimented her expressive eyes, and told the story of her own beginnings as an actress, which I believe was foreshadowing of what will now happen to Arya — she will join up with the acting troupe, at least for long enough to move her out of Braavos and, perhaps as you say, to Westeros. I just think there’s been an awful lot of air time with these performers for them to just suddenly disappear. And especially now, bringing Richard E. Grant (from the classic Withnail and I) to their group, I think Arya has greasepaint in her future!

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