In Defense of Sansa Stark Lannister Bolton STARK

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You do you, Sansa baby. You do you. (Credit: HBO)

So I was watching a show where folks discuss one of my favorite topics, Game of Thrones. And the hosts spent a good deal of time arguing about Sansa’s “troubling” decision to keep mum on the possibility that Littlefinger would turn up with the Army of the Vale. So here’s my inelegant defense of her behavior, cut and pasted from an email I fired off this morning while drinking my coffee.

In any sane world, Sansa would need literal deprogramming and then years of therapy to get over (drumroll):

1. Taken captive by Cersei and Joffrey
2. Tricked into believing she’d saved her father’s life and then seeing his head cut off
3. Mentally and physically abused by Joffrey and Cersei for months
4. Attacked by a crowd and nearly raped/murdered
5. Told she’d be executed if liberators took King’s Landing
6. Given hope she’d marry her crush and escape to High Garden. Then forcibly married to Tyrion, seemingly making her a Lannister for life

Sansa Season 6

Here’s one I left out: lost her direwolf through no fault of her own. (Credit: HBO)

7. Given hope Dontos would spirit her home, only to learn it was all a trick. In fact, she had been a pawn in Joffrey’s murder, and Littlefinger was now effectively her captive
8. Given hope she’d be safe at the Aerie only to have her aunt try to murder her
9. Forced to choose between supporting the devil she knows (Littlefinger) or trusting total strangers
10. Given hope she could avenge her family by taking Littlefinger’s advice to marry Ramsay, only to be beaten, raped, humiliated, threatened with maiming, and anything else I’ve left out
11. Forced to choose between running away with Theon (who betrayed Robb) or staying with Ramsay till her death

Season 5.5

I don’t know who made this meme, but it’s perfect. (Credit: Interwebz)


NOW, explain to me again why Sansa’s lack of trust in Jon is inexplicable and troubling? Why that after watching Jon make all his plans without once asking for her input, Sansa declined to say something like, “I haven’t heard an answer yet, but I’m hoping Littlefinger will turn up with an army at some point–maybe today, maybe next week, maybe never. I know you don’t approve because Littlefinger’s a liar who betrayed our dad, but while you were at the Wall, I was being mentally, emotionally, and physically tortured by a conga line of psychopaths. Besides, the weasel owes me big time. So don’t judge me, okay? Nothing I hope for ever happens, so this is probably a pipe dream, too!”

PS: Besides, her choice to keep mum made that last-minute rescue really cool. Wink wink, showrunners. Can’t wait for Sunday.

PPS: I really hope Ramsay’s “part of me is inside you now” doesn’t mean she’s carrying his child, or I expect she’ll have to marry vile little Robin to make good on her threat that Ramsay’s name will disappear.


6 thoughts on “In Defense of Sansa Stark Lannister Bolton STARK

  1. I actually think her silence has more to do with the writers not wanting to spoil the tension for their big battle scene and the last minute save by the Vale. I really don’t think the writers put that much thought into it. Especially as it’s you can see how much thought (and money) they put into the action scenes of the battle.

  2. You could be right. I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt, but yes, when folks first raised the question, my immediate thought was: to serve the plot. 😉

  3. He was nice, but do you think she expected that when she accompanied him upstairs for the wedding night? I think she still suffered, if for no other reason than she didn’t choose him. In the custom of the great houses, her parents didn’t choose them. Her family’s murderers chose him.

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