Dispatches from Cornwall, Part #4

Hello! I’m currently at that stage of writing where my answer to everyone, in virtually all situations, is, “Not now, I’m working on the book.” But I’ll pause this morning to upload some more pics relating to my  June 2016 trip to England’s southwest country.

Rhododendrons are everywhere in Cornwall. Even a “routine” drive along the freeway was enlivened by bursts of color.

Rhododendron London Park

(My collection.)

Climbing roses. The notion of a rose-covered English cottage is quite real and just as lovely as you might imagine.

Climbing roses

(My collection.)

Lupines are another flower I frequently encountered. It’s no exaggeration to say that on every twenty-minute ramble along a footpath, I could have collected a bouquet of wildflowers.

Lupines in vase

(My collection.)

Chamomile flowers were also common, particularly in Plymouth (which is in the neighboring county of Devon).


(My collection.)

Variations on the English rose were everywhere: formal gardens, public greens, churchyards. They occupied pride of place in many front gardens, each specimen’s health and beauty a testament to the homeowner’s hard work. When the hired car got a flat and we awaited rescue, I enjoyed the neighborhood’s roses. They were just as fine as the ones I’d admired at St. Michael’s Mount the day before.

Damask rose

(My collection.)

All right, I must get back to writing. Have a wonderful weekend.


6 thoughts on “Dispatches from Cornwall, Part #4

  1. Dear Emma,

    Thank you for taking the time for sharing this with your readers. I am eagerly awaiting the next Dr. Bones book and just reread the first one. Also love the Black and Blue series and looking forward to the next one.

    Thank you for providing me with hours of enjoyment.


    Leigh C. Phillips

  2. Thank you for your blog. You feel like more than just one of my favorite authors. With your updates, you feel like a good friend!

  3. Thank you! i bought them at Dreamstime.com for use in blog posts, Facebook posts, future book covers, etc. My Cornwall snapshots are nice, but of course they can’t compare to images by pros. As for lupines, I never see them in TN.

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