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Who am I?


I’ve written since I was seven years old. My first “book,” which was about three lined notebook pages, was about a blind girl who could transform herself into a white housecat. I don’t know why. It made sense to me at the time.

In my teens, I wrote compulsively, often ignoring my schoolwork. Sometimes the Muse seemed to abandon me, and nothing happened. Sometimes I wrote pages and pages and felt certain I had what it took to entertain readers. Despite the fact I grew up in Florida, a flat, hot, thoroughly American place, I was obsessed with London, especially the fogs and gaslight of Victorian London. In the days of hardbound encyclopedias and microfiche, I learned all I could about that place and time.

Next thing I knew, I was in my early twenties, waiting tables and working in a bookstore. Then I was putting myself through college. I jumped on an unusual career train–Ophthalmic Technologist, meaning I assisted eye MDs with minor surgery and every aspect of patient care. The regular paychecks were seductive. I began to think writing books was just a childish dream.

But one day when I was 34, I started writing again. In secret. I continued obsessing about England in general and London in particular. And then, when I was 38, I had a dream about a Scotland Yard detective in love with a much younger subordinate. When I woke up, I wrote the first chapter of what became Ice Blue.

I wrote the entire book. I found an agent on my second try. She and her wonderful intern helped me rewrite the book FOUR times. They submitted it to all the big publishers. And in two weeks … everyone said no. I was a failure, never meant to be a writer, or inflict my fiction upon the world.

Ice Blue and half of its sequel, Blue Murder, sat ignored on my hard drive for almost two years. Then an independent author named Amanda Hocking made a couple of million dollars self-publishing via something called Kindle Direct. It was an Amazon service. On a lark, I decided to try it. And instead of using my legal name, Stephanie Abbott, I pulled a pseudonym out of the air: Emma Jameson. Why use my real name, when no one would ever read Ice Blue? I was publishing via Kindle merely as an experiment, after all.


So here I am. Stephanie Abbott, or Emma Jameson, obsessed with London and England from an early age, writing English cozy mysteries from somewhere deep down inside. At this point there are four entries in the Lord & Lady Hetheridge Mystery Series: Ice Blue, Blue Murder, Something Blue, and Black & Blue. Sometimes people ask rather nervously when the series will end. I say, never! At least, I hope it never will. Sometimes it takes me awhile to get a book right (I am trying to go faster these days) but I adore the characters and have many plans for their futures. The next Hetheridge book will be called Blue Blooded.

I also write another series, the Dr. Benjamin Bones Mysteries. The first one is called Marriage Can Be Murder. I’m currently at work on#2, Divorce Can Be Deadly. That series starts in 1939 and it’s another I hope will go on for a long time — at least through the end of World War II.

Now I have a new trilogy in the making. At least, I think it’s a trilogy. It’s called All Our Yesterdays, here’s my plan as of this writing:

House of Secrets (AOY #1)

House of Lies (AOY #2)

House of Vengeance (AOY #3)

Each book will have, at its heart, a murder to investigate. The motives behind each murder will fit together, allowing our amateur sleuths to solve the overarching mystery. And yes, this trilogy will be a bit different, in that the leads are Americans, and much of the action will be set in Colorado Springs, in an area called “Little London.” But because this story deals with reincarnation, there will be flashbacks to London — Victorian London, no less. Time for me to put all my knowledge of gaslights, horse-drawn carriages, and bustles to good use.

I’ll post more information on All Our Yesterdays as the story develops. Did I mention it will be different? There are five — count ’em!– five leads, five women and men whose fates have been intertwined for more than one lifetime. In addition to the murders and deepening overarching mystery, there’s a star-crossed romance. How many times can you live?  And how many times can you die for love?

We’ll find out. As soon as I finish House of Secrets, we’ll at least have a piece of the puzzle, so I’d better get back to it.

One last note: I love interacting with readers. You can friend me on Facebook or shoot me an email anytime at emmajamesonbooks@gmail.com. However, please be mindful of public comments that issue spoilers. What good’s a whodunit when someone tells you who done it? Those I’ll have to delete, to make sure no visitor learns the identity of a book’s killer prematurely. But you can email me any comments you wish!

Emma Jameson

June 10, 2015

92 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. Thank you for writing a modern classic Detective Mystery. I am so glad I found you. It was a joy to read a mystery in the style of Ngaio Marsh and Dorothy Sayers a wonderful puzzle, a great list of charcters, an intricate plot. Thank you!

  2. I love your books am in the middle of your third book now and am delighted you are writing your fourth. I was telling my friend about your books today and how much I love the characters. They are now quite real to me I think you are a wonderful writer and so glad to have found you. Kay Mitchell.

  3. My wife and I finished reading “Believing the Lie” by Elizabeth George. I was disturbed by one aspect, did some Googling, and found your comments.
    Spot on! Except, I’d say more like 1950s, instead of 1985. So Hays Code of Hollywood. So “Celluloid Closet”. One gay character drowned. One transgender character missing and presumed drowned after weighing down herself with guilt and shame and remorse and recrimination. One gay character duplicitous, ending up with the farm, the girl, and happy parents..
    Thank you for what you wrote. It was excellent!
    My wife and I will read the next book, but I was so disturbed and disappointed by Ms. George’s treatment of the three gay or transgender characters in “Believing the Lie” that I wrote to her agent, asking the agent to pass on my remarks. The chances of that I realize approach nil, but I had to try.
    Would it have been so horrible for Alatea to have been found, injured but alive, and welcomed by her husband, who now knows the truth?
    Peter Gross

  4. Hey, thank you for reading my post, Peter. I appreciate your thought on the matter. Sometimes I wonder if I’m oversensitive. It helps to know I’m not the only person who felt bruised after reading Believing the Lie.


  5. Emma, first I would like to thank you for writing. I’ve been a mystery reader for many years to many to remember really. I’ve lived in the the Rockies all my life although now I spent time in Spain too, I’m an outdoors person, I have a guitar or a book in hand when I’m indoors. By chance I picked up “Blue Ice” and I can’t wait to start the next book in the series. I read James lee burke, Ian Rankin, Randy and Wayne White all long with several regularly. Your books aren’t quite as graphic in the sense of violence and the guy, girl thing is a bit stronger, but i can over look that because I think you are the real deal.

    Thank again I really enjoy your work.

  6. I recently discovered your books on Kindle. I just completed the second one and have thoroughly enjoyed both. Thank you for intelligent, yet easy to read, writing. I am fascinated with your use of British colloquialisms. Have you spent a lot of time there?

  7. Thank you so much!

    No, I have only spent the briefest time in London — less than three days. And it was the highlight of 2013. I hope to spend two weeks there in 2014 or 2015, depending on how things shake out.

    I have been obsessed with England since childhood. Watching BBC shows, reading books by English authors, reading English history. (Right now it’s Juliet Gardiner’s history of war on the home front.) I can’t explain the obsession, but when it comes to choosing subjects to write about, I suppose the heart wants what it wants.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

  8. Hi, all!

    Here’s something I think bears repeating.

    I love interacting with readers. You can friend me on Facebook or shoot me an email anytime at emmajamesonbooks@gmail.com. However, please be mindful of public comments that issue spoilers, like whodunit. Those I’ll have to delete, to make sure no visitor learns the identity of a book’s killer prematurely. But you can email me any comments you wish!

  9. Emma, Just discovered your ‘blue’ books and dowloaded all three to my Nook. Loved them! Can’t wait for Black & Blue. Melissa

  10. I just discovered Ice Blue. I read it in a day — I couldn’t set it down! Loved Lord Hetheridge’s team — particularly Kate. When she apologized to Superintendent Jackson on the elevator, I knew this was my kind of gal! You have inserted just the right amount of contemporary language and balanced it with the traditional English police procedural. I’ve ordered the next two books and anticipate that they will be just as good. Also, as a librarian, I’m pushing your books! Keep up the good work!

  11. Oh, thank you so much! I have always looked up to librarians. Like many writers, I spent great stretches of my childhood in libraries, and consider them among the most magical places on earth. I also think it’s wonderful that library patrons can check out ebooks, because I know many still prefer paperbacks. If you think your patrons would appreciate paperback editions, feel free to email me at emmajamesonbooks@gmail.com and I’ll see if I can donate some. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by, you’ve made my day!

  12. “Something Blue”. It’s probably been pointed out, but if not, Seven Dials is not east London. It’s in the West End, between Covent Garden and SoHo. Enjoyed the books. All the best.

  13. Thank you so much! Nope, that error got past all of us, including my English “beta reader” who looks over the books before publication. You’ve let me know at just the right time, however, as I am preparing to correct a particularly vexing typo. Now I can fix both errors at once! And thank you very much for the compliment, you’ve made my day.

  14. I just finished Ice Blue (thank you kindle direct) and loved it! It put me in mind of two of my favorite authors, Deborah Crombie and Elizabeth George! From me that is a high compliment indeed! Now I’m looking forward to starting the second book in the series!
    Deb Bliss

  15. I have always enjoyed Agatha Christie, Louise Penny, and Carolyn Hart mysteries. You feel like you know and love the characters. So far with your 1st book I’m reading now, I think I will be moving on to the next two books quickly. Nice to meet the Lord and Lady.k

  16. Enjoy the series especially as my own Nora Tierney series is set in England but the difference is that Nora is American. I have beta readers, too, to help me pick up inconsistencies and pump up my Britspeak. Yours are classic and highly readable. I recommend them all the time!

  17. I live in Australia and I am so pleased to have found your Lord Hetheridge books I am half way through book 2 and have already bought book 3 . Absolutely thrilled you are writing book 4 I hope Amazon let me pre-order it Asap The new series set in War time Britain sounds intriguing I look forward to that as well. I think its wonderful that so many great authors and have managed to get published using Kindle direct without them I would never have made the acquaintance of Tony and Kate and of course Paul. Thank you

  18. Oh, thank you so much!

    Amazon is indeed allowing preorders, but I won’t set it up until the book is closer to being truly ready. After I write it, several others go over it, including my “Brit-picker,” my editor, and my proofreader. I wouldn’t want anyone to hit that preorder button and then have to wait weeks and weeks.

    Thanks again for your kind words. Cheers!

  19. I have just finished reading the 3rd book in your Lord Hetheridge Series. I could not put them down. I nearly gave up on them when first I began reading #1. Converting my all American mind into catching the British “lingo” was something I was unsure of. But~~ I am so glad I stuck with it for just a bit longer. I got so engrossed in the Series that I read all 3 of them with breaks for necessities only.(almost like that, anyway) 🙂 Gads! I’m hooked. I anxiously await the 4th book in the series. Love the characters. I appreciate that each book/story has it’s own beginning & conclusion so I was not left hanging. I do not appreciate stories that do not end within a book so that I am “left hanging” until the next one is released. Or~~ If I unknowingly begin a series without first reading the beginning book/books & find that I am at a loss to what ever happened prior to me picking the book. (Sort of like a “soap opera” started part way through.) I read many books & if I must wait for a conclusion to one of them I might choose to pass the series up. Thank you for the many hours of great reading.
    Darlene (Montana)

  20. Thank you so much! I haven’t been on the blog much (trying to finish this book and get it published at last!) but I just took a break and your comment made my evening. 🙂

  21. LOVED the Lord and Lady Hetheridge series. Can’t wait for Black and Blue! Love at its core makes the best stories! When can I buy number 4?

  22. My wife purchased your Blue series. I was going to read them after she finished. I noticed in your copyright that this is forbidden. FYI, I will not purchase books with that type of restrictive copyright.

  23. I’m not sure what you mean. I might need to consult my lawyer about the language at the book’s beginning. My books are deliberately NOT DRM encrypted, and they are “lend-enabled” between Kindles, an option I approved. I also donate my books to lending libraries. So please feel free to read your wife’s copies, and I will talk to my lawyer.

  24. Thank you so much! I am working on Black & Blue right now. However, I’ve been a naughty author and allowed inspiration to take hold of me. I just finished a brand new mystery with all new characters. It’s called MARRIAGE CAN BE MURDER and it’s in the early editing stage. I hope it will be edited, proofread, and for sale in the next three weeks, with Black & Blue to follow as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your interest and encouragement!

  25. I have just finished reading your three books in the ‘Blue series’ for the third time. I enjoyed them as much as the first time I read them. I’ve been to London quite a lot and you describe the traffic extremely well – it’s nuts! I hope you enjoy your time in there! So much history! I am waiting anxiously for the fourth book.

  26. Thank you so much! I am working on book #4 right now. As for the traffic — I tried to be brave, but a certain jaunt from the Mayfair Holiday Inn to a small theater called the Trafalgar Transformed made me LITERALLY fear for my life. Should I ever move to London, I’ll be traveling mostly on foot and by Tube.

    Again, thanks for this message. For my upcoming book Marriage Can be Murder, which is set in 1939, I could only imagine the traffic in rural Cornwall. I found myself remembering a wonderful scene in a Hamish Macbeth book (MC Beaton) where he attempts to “tail” another car … but as they’re in a remote part of Scotland, and they’re the only two cars on the road for miles in either direction, his efforts to inconspicuously follow the other driver come to naught. Very funny stuff, and the opposite of my terrifying memories of London traffic.

    Have a wonderful day!

  27. Please advise any new books as they come out…….and get writing, I need more. Thanx

  28. Hi! My latest book, which came out last month, is Marriage Can Be Murder (Dr. Benjamin Bones #1). My upcoming book is Black & Blue (Lord & Lady Hetheridge #4), and I’m working it on right now! Thanks so much for asking, and have a great day. 🙂

  29. Love your books – I originally picked them because I have a niece named Emma Jameson (sooo selective, right?), but have now read everything you have written and can’t wait for the next. Love the romance and the mystery and the good clean sleuthing. Keep it up!!!

  30. Thank you for writing such fun, breezy, entertaining novels. They are over too quickly. I just discovered you at the Kindle store 2 weeks ago and have already completed all 3 of your “Blue” novels, staying up far too late at night before teaching all the next day. My husband is teasing me relentlessly for my sleepy self, but I found myself “addicted” to the wit and banter. I’ve also convinced him to go to England after our daughter has finished college to visit all the areas I’ve been reading about for years – another secret Anglophile in California. Please keep writing – also, any idea when #4 will be available?

  31. Thank you so much, Cynthia! I really appreciate your kind remarks. I am working on #4 right now. Just taking a dinner break–a ‘kip,’ as they say. I typed “the end” a few weeks ago, and now I hope the book will be revised, edited, and published by the end of the month. Fingers crossed!

    Thanks again, and have a lovely weekend.

  32. I have just finished the 4th book in the Blue series, Lord & Lady Hetheridge, and loved it. I can only hope there will be another one in the not too distant future. I am going to read your other series Dr. Benjamin Bone Mysteries.

  33. Thank you so much for reading. I’m glad you enjoyed it. And I hope you like Dr. Bones, too. There will indeed be another Hetheridge mystery, book #5, Blue Blooded. I’ll start work on it after I finish Bones #2, Divorce Can Be Deadly.

    Have a great day!

  34. I have just discovered your books this week, and am on the third book of the Lord and Lady Hetheridge series. They are brilliant and funny and insightful all at the same time. I do have to ask, though, if you have a mentally disabled sibling or child. I have a severely autistic and mentally retarded 20-year-old son, and the way you describe Ritchie’s interaction with the world, and Kate’s feelings toward her brother in the third book had me crying like a baby. Your understanding of that relationship is uncanny. Thank you for writing about it so eloquently.
    BTW, I have already downloaded your other 3 books – you have a newly devoted fan!

  35. Thank you so much for reading! I’m really glad you’re enjoying Something Blue and you like the portrayal of Ritchie. Most of my characters are composites, like mosaics, with various pieces from here and there. But Ritchie is based on a real person I observed, once upon a time.

    Thanks again, your message made my day. Cheers!

  36. Good for you for not giving up! I enjoy the books. Just bought 3 & 4 for my upcoming holiday. And you write the English stuff well. It wasn’t blatantly obvious you were American. 🙂 Looking forward to more of the series. Cheers.

  37. Thoroughly enjoy ALL your writing and can’t wait for All Our Yesterday – it’s been a long time coming!!

  38. Yeah!! Thank you. You and Debbie both need to be in the dedication, because I never would have finished that without all your support! I think this new version will recall everything that was good about the old–with a few tricks I’ve learned in the last 10 years. (heh heh)

  39. I really like your books and was always telling my mum, who only speaks German, how great they are. When I saw Ice Blue translated in German I immediately bought it for my mother and she also loves it. Hope there will be more translations in the future.

  40. Thank you so much for your kind words! I do hope your mum enjoys the book. And I, too, hope Amazon Crossing decides to go forward with translations of the sequels. I would love for that to happen! Have a great day.

  41. I have just stumbled upon your books while searching Amazon for yet another book to read. I am halfway through Iceblue, and will certainly be reading the rest of the series. I’m a Brit now living in Canada. I’m amazed at your knowledge of English custom, dialogue and so on–spot on! When I Googled you, I added , English author, and can hardly believe you are American. Well done. Your writing style is excellent and so alive. I appreciate the amount of research you must have done to make your stories so authentic. I absolutely love British, literature, and many of the excellent BBC programs. Have you watched Foyle’s War? Hope you get to visit England soon.
    Mary Haskett http://www.maryhaskett.com

  42. Mary, thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate them! I am indeed a fan of Foyle’s War. I binge-watched the entire series and was left wanting more. I do think that experience helped inspired my Dr. Bones series, set in wartime Cornwall. I find the “war at home” and the many sacrifices of the everyday Englishman so fascinating–it was an amazing era. I was fortunate enough to visit London for a second time in March 2015, and look forward to Cornwall in 2016.

    Thank you again for stopping by to comment. Have a great day.

  43. A voracious mystery reader, I usually have three novels being read at the same time. (Actually, my “third eye” has gotten rather tired of it. So I gave it a rest after being enticed to try the first three Blue murder books on Kindle.) ‘0) Over the next two months, I was so rewarded with such excellent reading, I could hardly wait t o get the next. My rule is not to read two books by the same author in a row. Couldn’t remember why I made the rule, so broke it and read the last two of the triad in rapid succession. Thank you for all that pleasure!! Today I bought both Black and Blue Murder and Marriage Can Be Murder — the latter being a must, as I am half Cornish and would live in Cornwall if the money exchange reverted to the 1950s. I’m so glad I found you! Your plots are fresh and characters are quite real. (Even though I prefer to read, when I see the TV series automatically in my mind they pass the reality test.) Thank you, you are a brilliant writer.

  44. Love all of your books and since I don’t see any coming for the near future have decided to take them all with me on vacation to read again. Can’t think of a better way to enjoy the beach. Sun, sand and a good book. Also an opportunity to introduce my friends to some great beach reads.

  45. Thank you so much, what a wonderful compliment! I promise I am working on Dr. Bones #2 right now, just popped in for an afternoon coffee break. Have a terrific vacation!

  46. Dear Emma, I have read all four of the Lord and Lady Hetheridgr books and loved them. You have created such wonderful characters, the kind one cares about long after the book is finished. I have also read the first Dr. Bones and am eagerly awaiting the second. Thank you for the hours of joy your books have given me.

  47. I have just discovered your Lord and Lady Hetheridge books on kindle and really enjoyed them. I am looking forward to number 5.

  48. Thank you so much! I’ll get to work on #5, Blue Blooded, just as soon as I finish Dr. Bones #2, Divorce Can Be Deadly. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!

  49. Hi ‘Emma’,
    I loved ‘Marriage Can be Murder’! When, oh WHEN will ‘Divorce Can Be Deadly’ be available to read??? Thanks!

  50. Hi Linda,

    I’ve spent all day working on it, and I must admit, I think it’s going really well. I hope, hope. hope to have it ready for publication before the end of the year. Thank you so much for asking, and have a wonderful day!

  51. I just discovered the Blue series books and ordered them all. I am like many others who have posted in that I am staying up late and having a hard time putting the books down. I also especially love the London setting, language and locals. Please keep up with this series, I am anxious to follow Lord and Lady Hetheridge! Thank you so much!!

  52. Thank you so much for stopping by and letting me know. I really appreciate it! And coincidentally, I was messaging another reader this evening, and she told me there is a rumor that I finished the Blue series with book #4. I’m very happy to tell you that’s not true. I *never* plan to finish the Blue series, I hope to write about the Hetheridges forever. Hetheridge #5 will be BLUE BLOODED and Hetheridge #6 will probably be called UNTRUE BLUE. So rest assured there will be more.

    If you do Facebook, you can follow me there for updates. Thank you again for reading, and Happy New Year!

  53. I enjoyed Marriage Can Be Murder very much and check regularly to see if the second book is available yet. Is there a release date set for it yet? Or even a preorder date?

  54. No release date yet, but the book is progressing. I intend to post a preview–Chapter One–tomorrow, so please stay tuned. And thank you so much for being a reader! 🙂

  55. Hi, Joan! I am experiencing some health problems at the moment, but I hope another Hetheridge book (Blue Blooded) will be out by the summer. Thanks for asking and have a wonderful day!

  56. Just read of your health problems an wish you all the best. Your books have brought hours of enjoyment and I hope for a speedy recovery. Reading your books on my porch surrounded by flowers and birds makes for a perfect day.

  57. Loved the L&L Hetheridge series. Also Dr. Bones. I’ve reread L&L Hetheridge, so am anxiously awaiting book #5. Also book 2 in the Dr. Bones series. After watching a PBS special on Scotland Yard, I wonder if the retired Chief they had interviewed named Ross was your inspiration for Anthony Hetheridge! He had “some beautiful blue eyes”! Being of English decent, and having a minor in European history, I look forward to more books with the WWII setting, ie: Dr. Bones. Thank you for giving us all so many wonderful hours of reading. Sandy P. Colorado

  58. Thank you so much for your remarkably kind remarks! I’ll have to look for that Scotland Yard special. The basic inspiration for Anthony Hetheridge came from a dream, believe it or not. In the dream, Hetheridge was played by Anthony Hopkins, whose remarkable blue eyes I’d noticed many times over the years.

    I’m hard at work on Bones #2. Hetheridge #5 (Blue Blooded) will commence immediately thereafter. Thank you again for commenting and being a reader. Have a lovely day. 🙂

  59. Is there a tentative time that the Dr. Bones Book #2 is scheduled for release. I really have enjoyed book #1 and cannot wait for the next in the series.

  60. HI! Thanks for asking. I hope it will be available in the next 3-4 weeks. The process goes like this: write, rewrite, edit, proofread, format, publish. The two longest stages, clearly, are write and rewrite. I’m halfway through the rewrites! That’s a really good thing.

    Thanks again for stopping by. I’m glad you enjoyed book #1 and I do hope you’ll find #2 even more fun. Have a great day.

  61. Please write more books about Benjamin Bones and Lady Juliet! I love them!

  62. Thank you so much! I hope you’ve found Divorce Can Be Deadly and Dr. Bones and the Christmas Wish. The next novella, Dr. Bones and the Lost Love Letter, will be out before Valentine’s Day.

    Have a great day and a happy new year!

  63. Yes, I read all the Benjamin Bones books and the novella. Can’t wait for the valentines’ one! Now am working my way through the Lord and Lady Hetheridge series. They are also wonderful. I am sooooo glad I discovered your books!

  64. Finished Dr. Bones series,and am looking forward to the Valentine Day novella.Now it’s time to start the Blue series! Love.Dr Bones books,and WW11 is one of my favourite times to read about,hope your books carry through to the wars end.Wonderful books!

  65. Thank you so much for your kind words! I do indeed plan for the Bones books to go through the entire war. There’s so much fascinating stuff about the War at Home, I have an almost endless variety to choose from. I hope you enjoy the Blue series. I’m already at work on book #5, Blue Blooded.

    Have a wonderful day!


  66. I love your series with Hetheridge and crew! So glad I found your books on iBooks. Keep writing!

  67. Hi, Cathy! Thanks for asking. I am finishing up the second Bones novella, Dr. Bones and the Lost Love Letter. Once it’s done, I will focus exclusively on getting Hetheridge #5, Blue Blooded, written. I appreciate your kind words. Have a great week!

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