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Divorce Can Be Deadly (Dr. Benjamin Bones Mysteries Book #2) is live on Amazon. Here’s what it’s all about:

“Two ghosts troubled Dr. Benjamin Bones. One he feared would never release him. Another he worried might slip away, however much he tightened his grip… .”

So begins Divorce Can Be Deadly, the long-awaited second book in Emma Jameson’s wartime cozy mystery series. Return to Birdswing, a tiny Cornish village, in the bitter winter of 1939 and revisit old friends as they embark on more amateur sleuthing. Irrepressible Lady Juliet is taking a correspondence course in private detection and is vexed by the return of her soon-to-be-ex-husband. Meanwhile, not only has Ben failed to realize the depth of her feelings for him, but his obsession with Lucy, the Fenton House ghost, is growing stronger.

When a bloodless, half-naked corpse is discovered in a great house in a nearby village, Ben and Juliet must again follow the clues to solve the case. Join them as they pry into the secret lives of villagers in seemingly picture-perfect Barking, including a vicar who hides from his secretary, a baron haunted by the Great War, and a butler who just might have done it.

Brimming with romance, historical details, and warm humor, Divorce Can Be Deadly is already being called “worth the wait!”

The book is currently publishing on other platforms and should be available soon for Nook devices, the Apple store, Kobo, and Google Play. Watch this space and I’ll let you know!

Don’t forget you can also preorder Dr. Bones and the Christmas Gift on most platforms. It will go live on December 23rd and take up right after the events of Divorce Can Be Deadly. Click below on your preferred vendor:


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Pre-Order for Dr. Bones and the Christmas Wish


Hello, all! I’m sure you can guess what I’ll be doing this weekend. Continuing to finalize Divorce Can Be Deadly, and watching tomorrow night’s Westworld finale. In the meantime, I have good news: Dr. Bones and the Christmas Wish is now available for pre-order. Many of you have requested pre-orders in the past, but I’ve always been wary. This will be my first attempt. As for DCBD, it will go live the moment it’s finished, I promise.

To order Dr. Bones and the Christmas Wish, click to visit one of these vendors:

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Here’s the details:

Dr. Benjamin Bones had no opinion on Christmas. That is to say, he had no polite opinion on Christmas. His actual opinion, the one he knew better than to say aloud, was that Christmas was a disappointment, a raising of hopes only to dash them, a festival of flash and dazzle which, come January, was hard to pay for and even harder to justify. That was Christmas: disappointment, with a price tag.

So begins Dr. Bones and the Christmas Wish, a charming romantic short story set in the tiny Cornish village of Birdswing, 1939. Readers who enjoyed the Dr. Benjamin Bones Mysteries, Marriage Can Be Murder (#1) and Divorce Can Be Deadly (#2), will adore this holiday tale of love lost and love found featuring Dr. Bones and Lady Juliet.

I hope you’ll enjoy this novella set in wartime England, 1939. Please note the story takes place after the second book in the Dr. Bones series, Divorce Can Be Deadly. It’s not essential that you read that first, but I highly recommend it to get maximal pleasure from the story.




Everything I Ever Needed To Know as a Writer, I Learned From the X-Men

It’s July 3rd and I am still embroiled in writing, so here’s a quick post for the next week. When I was 11, my good friend Rosemary O’Malley introduced me to the Uncanny X-Men. Here’s just a smattering of the lessons I learned.

Sometimes heroes and villains just have to take off their masks and have a rational (if contentious) discussion. The villain might even be genuinely horrified to hear that one of his adversaries is dead.


First issue I ever bought, Uncanny X-Men #150 (Claremont/Cockrum/Marvel).

The best villains are capable of human emotion, including remorse.


Uncanny X-Men (Claremont/Cockrum/Marvel)

There are times when a tricky scene is best viewed through the eyes of a character who stands apart.


Uncanny X-men (Claremont/Byrne/Marvel)

Even the closest relationships have their angry moments, especially if the dynamic is mentor/mentee or parent/child.


Uncanny X-Men (Claremont/Cockrum/Marvel)

When good people do terrible things, the root cause is always the same.


Uncanny X-Men (Claremont/Byrne/Marvel)

Different leadership styles may be called for, and surprising results may occur.


Uncanny X-Men (Claremont/Byrne/Marvel)

Change is never easy.


Uncanny X-Men (Claremont/Romita, Jr./Marvel)

Even tough guys can be paralyzed by fear.


Uncanny X-Men (Claremont/Byrne/Marvel)

The most interesting hero/villain dynamics are based on similarities as well as differences.


Uncanny X-Men (Claremont/Cockrum/Marvel)

Your most impulsive character may literally throw himself off a cliff rather than quit while ahead. Also: it’s glorious to see a hero do something stupid when that stupid action entirely in keeping with their characterization.


Uncanny X-Men (Claremont/Romita, Jr./Marvel)

There is such a thing as a genuine change of heart. But amends and trust-building won’t come easy.


Uncanny X-Men (Claremont/Marvel)

There’s all kinds of toughness (emotional, intellectual, physical) and all kinds of heroic people, from pretty ladies to growling savages.


Uncanny X-Men (Claremont/Smith/Marvel)

It’s natural to look back on your old writing and want to cringe, laugh, or kill it with fire.


Uncanny X-Men (Lee/Adams/Marvel)

Note: it’s difficult to credit anything as collaborative as comics properly, but let me give a shout out to Glynis Oliver and Tom Orzechowski, who hand-colored and hand-lettered most of the panels I included, back in the day.

The complete stories these panels were pulled from can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and other retailers.

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